Putting you in control of your employee benefits

The LABI Benefits Center provides Louisiana employers of all sizes access to an a la carte menu of employee benefits and administration tools that are among the best in the market today – all in one central location at a special discounted rate for LABI members. It simply makes your job easier.

One-Stop Access

One-stop access to the information, tools and resources you need to manage your insurance, human resource and Affordable Care Act solutions.

  • Electronic enrollment and administration exclusively available to LABI members with 50 employees or less
  • Highly personalized plan designs and decision tools
  • Less paperwork, simple administration and local support
  • Access to the LABI Benefits Center’s team and resources

Our Products & Services

At LABI, we know how important employee benefits are in attracting and retaining the best talent. That’s why we’ve partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Sheakley, SyncStream Solutions and Associated Benefits Consulting to offer solutions employers can customize to suit specific workforce and budgetary needs.

  • Insurance Solutions

    Whether your company has two employees or 10,000, we have plans that fit. Through a partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, the LABI Benefits Center provides high-quality health, dental and ancillary insurance products to LABI members with enhanced benefits. Additionally, eligible groups can get total access to benefits information in real time, 24/7, via the web.

    Our team works with employers and their broker to develop complete and competitive benefit packages that provide employees protection for many unexpected events.

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  • Human Resource Solutions

    Human Resources Solutions go beyond processing payroll, benefits administration, and time and labor management. With a deep understanding of how these functions affect one another, our partners at Sheakley can help businesses save time, reduce costs and enhance compliance. Sheakley’s online platform connects employers, administrators, carriers, and payroll through one central system to provide extensive automation of all HR-related activities.

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  • Compliance Solutions

    The post health care reform world creates challenges. Having an ACA strategy for tomorrow, starts with knowing where you stand today. Our team, made up of the experts at SyncStream Solutions, will take your challenges and develop customized solutions ranging from strategy development and financial forecasting to tracking, monitoring, documenting and reporting to increase your compliance and reduce potential penalties.

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  • Employee Solutions

    Employees want certain benefits, apart from their employer. Download or enroll all on your own! Dental Access Plus—The Dental Access Plus Health Care Discount Card offers affordability and high-quality dental care, vision, hearing care and prescriptions for you and your family.

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Value-Added Services

Doctor Explaining COBRA to patient

Compliant and Reliable COBRA Administration

Your solution for COBRA Administration

Keeping up with complex COBRA regulations is a hassle, and maintaining compliance with the law can easily be a full-time job. Costly mistakes may occur, especially when staff is overloaded because of laborious COBRA requirements. LABI offers COBRA administration at no cost to eligible members in order to assist you in running your core business.

Cafeteria Health Insurance Plans

Cafeteria Plan

Free flexible benefits program for eligible members

LABI provides a flexible benefit program that offers tax savings to both employers and employees.

A Cafeteria Plan, also referred to as Section 125 Plan, allows employees to set aside a portion of each paycheck – before paying taxes – to pay for premiums and qualified health care expenses not covered by insurance.


Advantages of a Flexible Benefits Program

Both employers and employees benefit from flexible benefits programs. One of the biggest benefits is tax savings. For instance, employers pay lower payroll taxes as a result of pre-tax payroll deductions. The more employees participating in the programs, the greater the payroll tax savings to the employer. In turn, employees lower their taxable income and increase their net take-home pay.